los estados vehementes, 2018

states of vehemence  


Marta Velasco Velasco y Sara Torres, los estados vehementes, 2018. HD video and sound, 3 min. subs translation: Jèssica Pujol Duran

This video piece, which comes out of a collaborative project for Sara Torres’ book Phantasmagoria, explores the transmission of affect between individuals. Here moving images, together with the auditory traces of the voice, seek to offer a physical impact which activates neurological networks. 

Tracing five years of interrupted contact in-between languages and cultures, Spanish-Colombian artist Marta Velasco Velasco translated into color and matter the process of two nervous and hormonal systems coming into alignment with each other. After migrating to the UK, the interlocutors in the poetic text fantasize scenarios of their childhood in Spain. It is in this context that the mother tongue arises as a vehicle for desire and unconscious transmission of affect.

First shown at Deep Trash Escoria by CUNTemporary Queer Arts, September 2018 London.