MA in Critical Methodologies (King's College London, 2014-15).
BA in Spanish Language and Literature (University of Oviedo, 2014), 2 years as Erasmus student at Queen Mary University of London.


October 2016 onwards —Full time PhD student, Queen Mary University of London. Research project: The Lesbian Text: Fetish, Fantasy and Queer Becomings.


October 2015-May 2016 —Artist in residence at the Fundación Antonio Gala, Córdoba, Spain. I worked on a novel that explored what I have called vida mínima, and which is related to the difficulties regarding the issue of approaching our own corporality outside the symbolic realm. ‘Vida mínima’ is also related to what Giorgio Agamben called ‘bare life’. During this period, I also co-edited an issue of the London-based magazine Alba Londres, which focused on avant-garde feminist literary production in both English and Spanish.


Dec. 2015-Nov. 2017, Writer for 1Granary magazine and website, providing a critical approach to fashion, covering its relation to power and subversion, free-floating images of desire in late capitalism, and identity construction.

I am a regular contributor with literary pieces and book reviews for various literary publications, such as Kokoro and Nayagua. I also collaborate with La Nueva España newspaper, writing opinion pieces.

2013-15, Spanish Language Teaching at the Students' Union, Queen Mary University of London.


2016-19    Queen Mary University of London Research Studentship.

2016          La Caixa Scholarship for Postgraduate Students at European Universities (declined in order to accept the QMUL studentship).

2015          King's College London. Ranked first in a group of 12 MA students.

2015          Fundación Antonio Gala Grant for young artists

2014          XV Spanish National Poetry Prize for Young Poets (Premio ‘Gloria Fuertes de Poesía Joven’) for my first poetry collection La otra genealogía.

2012- 14   Erasmus Scholarship (to study for two academic years at Queen Mary University of London).


Sept. 2017- July 2018         Deleuze Seminars by Rosi Braidotti and Rick Dolphijn - University of Utrecht, online.

21-25 August 2017    Prof. Rosi Braidotti Summer School —"Posthuman Ethics in the Anthropocene", University of Utrecht.

17-19 July 2017         Institute of Psychoanalysis Summer School —The Institute of Psychoanalysis and Birkbeck Institute of Social Research.


Academic publications

‘Phantoms, Transtemporal Desire and the Construction of a Lesbian Genealogy in Maria-Mercè Marçal’s La passió segons Renée Vivien’, in María Mercè-Marçal: Her Life in Words, ed. & tr. Noèlia Díaz Vicedo (The Anglo-Catalan Society, 2017).

‘Lesbian Textuality: A Fetishist-Affective Genealogy’, Alba Londres: Culture in Translation


Translation into Spanish of Introducing Feminism (London: Icon Books, 2013). (Forthcoming, Madrid: Tecnos, Spring 2018).

POETRY BOOKS (authored)

Phantasmagoria. Madrid: La Bella Varsovia, 2019

Conjuros y Cantos. Barcelona: Kriller71, 2016

La otra genealogía. Madrid: Torremozas, 2014

Poetry included in anthologies:

Voz vértebra: Antología de poesía futura. Barcelona. Kokoro libros, 2017.

Mujer, mundo, muerte. Antología de poesía contemporánea escrita por mujeres. Málaga: Ediciones del Genal, 2017.

La luz a ti debida. Diez años sin Ángel. Oviedo: Maremágnum, 2017.

Identikit. Muestra de poesía española reciente, Vallejo & Co., 2016.

Lo demás es oscuridad. Almería: Diputación de Almería. 2013.

La honda presencia, 20 poetas al encuentro de Antonio López (Almería: Mar de Plástico, 2013).

Sangrantes, ed. Luna Miguel. Jérez de la Frontera, Cádiz: Origami. 2013.

Mecánica celeste. Avilés, Asturias: Círculo Cultural de Valdediós. 2012. (1 of 5 selected poets).

Frondas de fuego: actas y catálogo del III Encuentro Nacional de Poesía Joven 'La Ciudad en Llamas' 2011. Oviedo: Hesperya. 2011.

Poems in translation in journals and anthologies:

Torres, Sara. "In Her Dream / The Queen with One Leg Shorter Than The Other / Roads Downhill." Poem: International English Language Quarterly 4 (2016): 201-03.

Brez besed ji sledim (I Follow Her Silently). The Anthology of Contemporary European Lesbian Poetry. 2015. Ljubljana: Lambda.

Online publications:

Dec. 2015-Nov. 2017  Writer at 1Granary, the fashion and arts magazine created by the students of University Central Saint Martins in London. Collaborated on both the printed & the digital magazines.

Book reviews and interviews

‘This queer desire of becoming a mother: An approach to the work of Ángelo Néstore’, Oculta Lit: Revista de Literatura (2017).

Book review of Luciérnaga, by Alba Ceres, Nayagua: Revista de Poesía, Fundación Centro de Poesía José Hierro, 26 (July 2017): 154-57.

Book review of Tuscumbia, by Lola Nieto, Vísperas: Revista Panhispánica de Crítica Literaria (2017),

Book review of La mujer cíclica, by Laia López Manrique, Nayagua: Revista de Poesía, Fundación Centro de Poesía José Hierro, 22 (July 2015): 193-95.

Interview with Chantal Maillard, Vísperas: Revista Panhispánica de Crítica Literaria. (2016)

Interview with Meri Torras, Vísperas: Revista Panhispánica de Crítica Literaria. (2016)


1.   July 15-20, 2018: ‘"The best flamenco-dancing cucaracha in Cuba”: Carmelita Tropicana como ensamblaje queer’. 56th International Congress of Americanists (ICA), University of Salamanca, Spain.

2.   April 16-20, 2018: ‘Territorializando sobre las huellas fantasmáticas de la autora lesbiana. La fantasía Djuna (Barnes)-Ena Lucía Portela.’  IV International Congress Texts of the Body, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

3.   March 26-28, 2018: ‘Public success/private failure: Sheltering the Body in Ena Lucía Portela’s Djuna and Daniel’ Accepted for the Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland annual conference, University of Leeds.

4.   June 26-27, 2017: ‘Productive Speed in the Space of the Psyche: Gloria Anzaldúa's effort to represent matter in transformation’. PILAS [Postgraduates in Latin American Studies] conference, University of Leeds.

5.   April 25-27, 2017: 'Toward a corporeal feminism?: Myth and the irruption of chaos in Gloria Anzaldúa's poetry’ (2017). Women Poets and Myth in the 20th and the 21st Centuries, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

6.   February 24-25, 2017: ‘A Postmodern Lesbian Genealogy of Lovers: Desire, Fantasy and Claustrophobia in the Work of Ena Lucía Portela’. Lesbian Lives Conference. University of Brighton.

7.   June 4, 2015: ‘Queer Bonds: Uncertain modes of being in time and space in Ali Liebegott's Cha Ching!’. LAHP [London Arts & Humanities Partnership] Arts & Humanities Postgraduate Conference on Uncertainty. King's College London.

Poetry recitals:

Since 2014 I have been active in a broad range of different activities related to literature and cultural analysis: cultural criticism, poetry readings, performances, seminars and talks.  Some of the most noteworthy include participation in the following:

·      International Poetry Festival Irreconciliables (Málaga 2017)

·      Ellas Crean (2016)

·      International Poetry Festival Cosmopoética (Madrid 2015)

·      Hi Zero Contemporary Poetry Readings in Brighton (2015).  

·      Spain (NOW!)  —the annual season of contemporary art & culture from Spain in London— (2014 and 2015).

Critical works in reference to my creative outputs:

Iglesias Díez, Carlos y Pablo Núñez. 2015. Siete mundos. Colección de nueva poesía. Gijón: Impronta. (A Study on contemporary poetry based on 7 young Spanish authors).

Creative Outreach Activities

In association with the Fundación Antonio Gala (Spain) and the Fundación Tres Culturas (Morocco) I designed and organized the artistic and pedagogical project ‘Voces Rizoma’ (Rhizomatic voices) that took place in several cities of Northern Morocco in 2016.

In 2011 I was the coordinator of the Young Poets Festival La Ciudad en Llamas.


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